Life Coaching

“Stay still, be quiet and listen to your heart. 
Then, when it speaks, get up and go where it takes you.” 
                                                        -Susanna Tamaro 

For many people, the pace of modern life has gotten a bit out of control. We are swept up by our daily routines and stretch ourselves thin with commitments to family, friends, and career but dedicate little if any time to self-realization and development. Ask yourself when you last spent time or resources on yourself. Now imagine a relationship dedicated entirely to examining YOU…your ideals, your worldview and your dreams.  Imagine that alliance helping you live fully in your values and moving you forward towards your goals. This is what coaching can do for you!

Working together as a dynamic coach/client team, you and I will be able to begin examining and working through the areas in your life where you “feel stuck” or “want more“. By identifying your core values and the things that really thrill you in life, coaching can help you craft the life you dream of…one that will make you feel truly balanced and fulfilled.

Are you ready to break through the “status quo”? Tired of settling for “good enough”? I am a dynamic, effective coach who will empower you to set and meet ambitious goals for personal and professional growth. Whether the next phase in your life involves hitting the road, hitting the books or hitting the gym, I will help you get motivated and keep you on track!