Who We Work With

Is Three Month Visa Right for You?

As a “Life Sabbatical and Long-term Travel Coach”, I work with a wide variety of clients including executives, entrepreneurs, people preparing to travel, work, study, volunteer or relocate abroad, international expatriates, travel writers and photographers and returning Peace Corps volunteers. Three Month Visa serves myriad private and corporate clients in the following areas:

Life and Career Coaching
As a Certified Life and Career Coach, I am a dynamic partner who will empower you to clearly define what you truly want out of your life, your career and your relationships and then keep you on track as you take steps towards creating the life you dream of living.  Working together, we will identify your personal values and priorities, assess current opportunities and challenges and establish specific outcomes you want to work towards.

Travel Preparation Coaching
I  work with individuals, couples and families; empowering them to dream, plan and realize the long-term travel experiences they have always wanted.  Coaching is custom-tailored to each client’s needs and topics we cover may include: Getting Inspired to Hit the Road, Tackling Your Pre-Travel “To Do List” and Financial Planning for World Travel.

Corporate Coaching
In a corporate environment, I partner with companies that offer periodic sabbatical leave for employees.  I help employers understand the importance of “time off” in relation to employees’ work/life balance and how to maximize the benefit of sabbaticals for overall corporate culture, workplace productivity and morale.

International Expatriate Coaching
Whether you are choosing to move to another country voluntarily or have been relocated for work, living abroad can present a unique set of challenges including culture shock and feeling distanced from friends and loved ones.  Coaching can help you navigate the many new experiences that come with living abroad as well as guide you toward a deeper appreciation of your adopted country!

Re-Entry Coaching
People are often shocked to find that the most challenging leg of their journey can actually be coming home.  Repatriation can be exhilarating and overwhelming at times; disappointing and even depressing at others.  People returning from a long stint traveling or living abroad sometimes feel that nobody can relate to what they have been through.  Re-entry Coaching will help you honor your experience “on the road” as well as get clarity on the next phase of your journey!